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When you practice EUREKONOMICS, YOU take control of your money ... and your life!

You put yourself in charge of your personal wealth planning, managing your money and creating wealth for your family and yourself by erecting the Four Pillars that are essential to every successful personal economy.

The First Pillar — Freedom from debt to others.

The Second Pillar — Income you don't have to work for and you won't outlive.

The Third Pillar — Money when you need it most to pay your bills because illness or one of life's surprises causes a loss of income and/or increased expense.

The Fourth Pillar (and perhaps the most important) — A legacy of wisdom and wealth that is greater than the money you use to create it.

Discover how EUREKONOMICS'™ wealth creation program can help you with financing your future.


Book Endorsement

Jer with Lew Nason of Insurance ProShopMoney for Life!...How to Thrive in good times and bad

As Lew Nason of says:

There are a lot of TV and Radio personalities who have written books and are promoted as being experts about how you should manage your money to become financially independent.

There's Suzie Orman (Women and Money), Dave Ramsey (The Total Money Makeover), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and the list goes on and on. Then there are the financial columnists like Scott Burns (The Dallas Morning News), Jonathan Clements (Wall Street Journal), Ben Stein (New York Times) and others.

Unfortunately, most of these popular financial personalities have very few, if any, real credentials in the financial world. They made their money by selling their wares and rarely practice what they preach. They have little or no experience in actually helping people ‘one on one.' Much of their advice is too general in nature to really be of much use to most Middle American Families. And, their blanketed financial advice has probably hurt more people than it's helped.

There are only a handful of books, written by financial professionals who have 40 years or more of real life experience working with and helping families. One such book, recently self-published, is Money for Life by Jeffrey Reeves, MA with Dr Agon Fly.

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